The perfect solution to your after college dilema

Deciding to become a software engineer is a great initial step, congrats!

This specially designed course will assist to focus on the basic needs for those who are opting to start a Career in Information Technology from non computer science background.

Why HI - IT

The changing business and IT landscapes bring increased demand for IT (services). IT organizations cope this demand by recognizing the potential to use automation to improve alignment with the business, generate savings in both service provisioning and service operations and move closer to the ultimate goal of IT service excellence.It is thus necessary no matter whether you are going to work as a Application Developer, Test Engineer,Network Engineer, Database administratorto have sound Unix/linux operating system knowledge, Automation Methodologies and fundamentals on how organizations Release Software products which will help the engineers to understand their technology & functional domain they are working in.

  • Modern Software methodologies
  • What organizations expects from an Engineer?
  • Release Engineering
  • SDLC Best Practises
  • Unix Essentials
  • Unix/Linux internals
  • Shell & Commands
  • Shell scripting
  • Introduction to Perl scripting
  • Hands on Projects
  • First, decide what type of computer software engineer you want to become i.e either computer software applications or computer software systems
  • Gain related technical skills
  • Practise, Practice, Practice
  • Don’t neglect your soft skills