DevOps Workshop

Experience DevOps (A hands-on workshop for DevOps culture)


This DevOps workshop is intended to offer a comprehensive, hands-on review of DevOps topics and process, and to identify techniques for project planning, development, and deployment from start to finish. Specifically, this workshop will expose attendees to reference architectures and hands-on experience with Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery, Infrastructure Management tools and practices, including technical demonstrations and practical scenarios.

Students who attend the workshop will be provided a Certificate of Completion.

This 4-day workshop is designed for Technical managers, Technical leads, Developers, QA engineers, Release/Deployment engineers, System admins, Database admins and Operational support staff of software development teams.

  • Gain a practical understanding of DevOps values and principles
  • Witness how modern automation and tooling solves common problems in software development, testing & delivery
  • Exposure to best practices employed by DevOps industry leaders
  • Identify better & efficient process improvements at your organization through new perspectives on software development, testing & infrastructure management
  • Learn how to best begin a DevOps transformation within your own organization
  • DevOps in a Nutshell
  • DevOps Infrastructure Administration and Fundamentals
  • Environment Provisioning
  • DevOps Systems Integration and Communication
  • Scenario Based training & Demo based on production Use case
  • Continuous Integration & Testing
  • Continuous Delivery & Deployment

Students should be somewhat familiar with Unix Command Line – either in Linux or on Mac OS


  • Students will receive the complete set of slides and recommendations for related papers and reference materials.
  • Additionally students will receive the recorded videos of the workshop.


Duration:  4 days workshop

Day 1:

  • Build Automation using Maven
  • Introduction to DevOps
    • Branching Methodologies
    • Developer workflow
    • Backup, Revert, Rollback
    • Github & user authentication
  • Need of SCM, Build & Release management
  • Distributed Version Control System using Git
    • Plugin Management
    • Multi Modules & Build dependencies
    • Advanced profile configuration
  • Testing & Deployment Strategies

Day 2:

  • Cross-Platform Automation using Jenkins
    •  Continuous Integration
    •  Build Pipeline
    •  Jenkins Maintenance
    •  Jenkins Plugin Management
  • Continuous Deployment using Artifactory
  • Continuous Deployment vs Continuous Delivery
  • Code Quality
    •  Code Coverage using Jacoco
    •  Static Code Analysis using Sonar
  • Code Review, An agile process
  • Defect Tracking workflow

Day 3:

  • Infrastructure Provisioning & Automation
  • Need of Infrastructure as Code
  • Configuration management using Ansible
    •  Understanding architecture, configuration on different Nodes
    •  CMD line usage
    •  Playbooks & Modules
    •  Hands-on with different use cases
  • Containers
    • Need of Containers
    • Containers vs Virtual Machines
    • Docker components

Day 4:

  • Container Management
    • Docker Images
    • Hands-on with different use cases
  • Cloud computing
    • Cloud service models IAAS, PAAS, SAAS
    • IAM, VPC, S3, EC2
  • Continuous Monitoring
    • Need & strategy
    • Tools comparison