Build & Release Engineering

The HUB of the WHEEL

This is a hands-on, practical course designed to teach specialized skills for real-world development situations.

Build & Release/SCM domain is a unique where it doesn’t just focus on processes or tools, it also concentrates on effective communication between various stake holders like Development, QA, Engineering/IT Support, Tech-support, Performance, Documentation teams etc.. So this provides a professional with a platform where they can choose to be an expert in any of the internal discipline within SCM.

Why Build & Release Engg

The continuous market evolution and the increasing competition among companies solicit organizations to improve their ability to foresee customer demand and create new business opportunities. Due to this fact organizations are adapting modern software methodologies (Agile) which aid them delivering projects on time, on budget without adversely impacting the quality.This demands for high need of Build & Release/SCM professionals who would be making significant contribution to the product releases. In brief it’s a highly visible position and it’s important to understand, know various supporting tools which aids all the above.

To bring IT professionals up to speed with the required latest Build & Release/SCM technologies aiding him/her to excel or move into SCM/Build & Release domain.

It is not mandatory though knowledge on scripting and basic understanding of linux/unix system concepts would help in understanding the concepts easily.

Build Management Ant
Maven Makefile
CI Hudson/Jenkins
Static Code analysis Sonar for Java & .Net
Binary Repository Manager Nexus
Web/Application Server Tomcat