About SCM

About SCM

buy cheap soma without prescription The continuous market evolution and the increasing competition among companies solicit organizations to improve their ability to foresee customer demand and create new business opportunities. Due to this fact organizations are adapting modern software methodologies which aid them delivering projects on time,on budget without adversely impacting the quality. This demands for high need of professionals who can implement these processes making significant contribution to the product releases. In brief Build & Release/SCM/Devops engineering is a highly visible position and it’s important to understand, know various supporting tools which aids all the above.

Who can learn SCM

Unlike other software engineering disciplines SCM focuses mainly on applying processes, methodologies & best practises followed by using tools/software which aid quicker product releases.Thus it is an open world for someone from IT/Non-IT background who wants to make an career into IT without much knowledge about programming.


Build & Release/SCM domain is unique where it doesn’t just focus on processes or tools, it also concentrates on effective communication between various stake holders like Development, QA, Engineering/IT Support, Tech support, Performance, Documentation teams etc..So this provides an professional with an platform where they can choose to be an expert in any of the internal discipline within SCM.


  • Your profile would stand out among others i.e 1:1000
  •  Stable & secure domain even in toughest of IT survival times where the World has seen recession and job fall
  • Highly paid jobs
  • Vast domain with huge potential providing many opportunities to excel in your career